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Lyme Disease Prevention and Protection

With warmer weather, you and your neighbors gear up for your annual battle with ticks. But you don’t have to face the potential dangers these pests pose by yourself. Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin can help eliminate these dangers lurking on your property.

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the most widely reported tick-borne illness in Wisconsin. The common deer tick is the disease’s main carrier, but a newly discovered tick species, Borrelia mayonii, has been identified in Wisconsin as another Lyme carrier.

Although it starts simply with a small, “bullseye” rash caused by a tick bite, Lyme disease often progresses from severe headaches and joint pain, to arthritis, heart problems, vision impairment, and meningitis in the weeks and months following.

Other Serious Tick Risks

Along with the serious threat of Lyme Disease, ticks can spread other harmful illnesses. Recently, a new allergy to meat, spread by tick bites and known as alpha-gal, has surfaced in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area. Scientists are racing to identify exactly what tick species is spreading the allergy in our region of the country.

Of course, along with Lyme and this new tick-related food allergy, several other tick-borne diseases are of concern in North Central Wisconsin, including:

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Powassan virus infection
  • Fighting Back

    Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin has developed tick and mosquito treatment programs that provide protection against the dangers and nuisances of annoying those pests. Our mosquito control treatment, which also reduces tick populations, eliminates adult ticks on contact, and continues to eliminate them for up to 21 days.
    In addition, our trained technicians will strategically place tick tubes at key points along your property. These tubes contain specially-treated mouse bedding. Once ticks hatch and begin feeding on the mice, they die off as a result of ingesting the insecticide.

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    Our products protect your family and pets from ticks and are EPA registered. Give us a call at 877-667-7823. Together we’ll form an efficient, cost-effective plan that protects your yard and home from ticks and mosquitoes.

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