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Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin Services

Q: Do you charge to come out and provide an estimate for your services?

A: No. We offer free consultations and estimates! Most are done right over the phone using our state-of-the-art software. Please give us a call at 715-804-4844 or click contact us and fill out our Alert the Squad form for convenient online scheduling.

Q: Do you guarantee your services?

A: We are proud to guarantee our services. If you don’t see a substantial reduction in your mosquito and tick population—up to 85-90% with our traditional mosquito control treatment—we will happily retreat for free or refund your money. It’s part of our Satisfaction Guarantee!

Q: Are you only available for residential properties?

A: Our services are not limited to residential accounts. We also service commercial properties, including recreational facilities, parks, outdoor seating areas, vacation properties, campgrounds, golf courses, and other outdoor spaces for municipalities, businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Definitely! Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin owns a commercial business license from the Wisconsin DATCP (Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection). All our technicians are licensed in Aquatic & Mosquito 5.0 and our lead technicians are additionally licensed in Structural Pest Control 7.1.
Pest Control

Q: How do you control mosquitos?

A: Our technicians use an Integrated Pest Management program to eliminate and control mosquito populations. We treat potential mosquito breeding areas, such as standing water, with larvicide to eliminate larvae and prevent new populations. We also use a mosquito treatment that eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact. This treatment further prevents other mosquitoes from penetrating the barrier for up to 21 days. We recommend re-application every three weeks.

Q: How do you control ticks?

A: Our mosquito barrier treatment is also highly effective in tick elimination. We offer additional tick control through the placement of tick tubes. These tubes eliminate ticks in the nymphal stage during spring and summer.

Q: Does rain make the treatment less effective?

A: Rain and water should not impair the efficacy of the barrier treatment once the product has dried. If it rains within 20 minutes of application, and you notice a reduced effectiveness, give us a call and we will be happy to reapply at no additional cost.

Q: Is the treatment harmful to my herb garden, plants, or vegetables?

A: Absolutely not. Our treatments have no detrimental effects on any vegetation. We do recommend washing your herbs and vegetables prior to consumption, as you would those purchased at a store. We also offer an all-natural treatment option and the option of not treating your herb or vegetables gardens, if you prefer.

Q: Do you offer natural treatment options?

A: Our traditional treatment is an effective, low-toxicity formula. However, we do offer an all-natural product that consists of all-natural essential oils that repel mosquitos via fragrance. The odor is very mild to the human nose, and seems to dissipate within 4 hours of the initial application. We recommend applying our all-natural treatment every 14 days for optimum effectiveness.

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