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Treating Stagnant Water in North Central Wisconsin

Of all the pesky insects that can cut a lively backyard barbeque short or ruin a relaxing rest in a hammock, the mosquito is one of the worst. Their bites can cause swelling and itching that lasts for days and have been known to be carriers of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and most recently, the Zika virus.

A popular breeding ground for mosquitoes is stagnant water and females need only a puddle the size of a quarter to lay hundreds of their eggs. That’s why it’s important to take steps towards mosquito prevention, protection and control. One of the most important steps you can take is eliminating any stagnant water on your property that could serve as their breeding ground.

Some sources of stagnant water can’t be eliminated, such as natural ponds, and require regular professional treatment for effective mosquito control. However, there are a number of other potential breeding grounds that can be eliminated. Children’s pools and birdbaths should be drained and washed regularly.

Tarps protecting firewood, barbecue grills, building materials or recreational vehicles can also collect standing water. They should be checked regularly to make sure they are pulled tight. Flower pots and even dog bowls should also be dumped out often, especially after a rainfall.

Rain gutters can become clogged with leaves, causing water to pool. Downspouts can also collect water. To prevent as much pooling as possible, we recommend covering the open end of the downspout with a fine mesh screen secured with elastic. The fewer places mosquitoes have to breed, the easier it will be to control their numbers.

Eliminating mosquitoes completely can be difficult because mosquito larva can lie dormant for up to 5 years before hatching. The experts at Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin use a barrier spray treatment that eliminates larva before it can hatch, decreasing the mosquito population of treated yards by up to 85-90%. It provides the most effective protection when reapplied every 3 weeks.

Whether you have a special outdoor event coming up or you want continuous protection for your property all season long, you can schedule a free consultation by giving Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin a call at 715-803-6541.

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