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Barrier Control for Strong Mosquito Protection

Now more than ever, homeowners are anxious to protect their families from mosquitoes — not just from the itch and pain that their bites can bring, but from potentially serious vector-borne diseases.
These diseases include the latest concern, Zika virus, as well as ongoing mosquito threats, including West Nile, malaria, chikungunya and encephalitis illnesses. Mosquitoes can also transfer heartworm between pets.

You may think your only options for true mosquito and tick protection are either staying inside or buying gallons of strong-smelling personal lotions and body sprays. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin’s barrier control method offers a better solution.

What is Barrier Control?

Here at Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin, we’ve developed the most effective protective spray system in the area — one that truly acts as a barrier to stop harmful pests from gaining entry into your outdoor space.

Our skilled technicians use our proven, proprietary blend to spray your home’s foundation and yard. Not only is the spray itself famed for its effectiveness against ticks and mosquitoes, but our professional team has also been trained to focus on the areas most likely to host these dangerous pests.

Special Benefits

Our spray control system not only eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact, but continues to eliminate the pests for weeks, no matter what kind of weather you have between treatments.
Just as important, the spray acts as a genuine “barrier.” Our spraying method offers a ring of protection around your yard that repels and eliminates mosquitoes and ticks.

Our team is trained to understand the pest habits in the terrain of the North Central Wisconsin area. That translates into yard treatment that takes into account the habitats and the plant life most likely to host mosquitoes and ticks.

On average, the barrier control spray system offered by Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin is effective for up to 21 days. For that reason, we recommend a treatment schedule of spraying every 21 days throughout the mosquito and tick season.

And don’t forget to ask about other options, such as our patented special events treatments, timed to make your outdoor parties as pest-free as possible. We also offer an all-natural version of our barrier protection spray. Give Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin a call at 715-804-4844 for your free consultation today!

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