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Automatic Misting System

Are you pestered by a persistent mosquito problem on your property? The Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin has the answer. Our automatic misting system provides protection against annoying mosquitoes and prevention from their return.

Effective Automatic Misting System Features

Our automatic misting system is designed for ease of use, flexibility and effectiveness. Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin professionals service your system and fill the tanks regularly to ensure continued protection with minimum effort on your end. We also close and winterize the system at the close of each season to preserve the equipment for dependable use the following year.

Our misting systems include these valuable, user-friendly features:

  • Allows you to choose frequency of 30-second automatic sprays – between 2 and 4 times per day
  • Remote control gives you greater flexibility to change spray times and frequency
  • You can schedule misting during high mosquito activity times for best results
  • Works to repel mosquitoes, ticks and other annoying pests within the treatment area
  • System includes nylon tubing with nickel-plated, stainless steel nozzles that are corrosion-resistant
  • Inconspicuous treatment nozzles are placed strategically around your yard for optimum efficiency
  • Uses technological smart features to monitor spray tank levels, spray patterns and alert us to leaks and other potential problems
  • Worry-free remote monitoring by our team allows you to sit back and enjoy your pest-free yard
  • Getting Set Up

    Once you give us a call, we will schedule a visit to your home by a trained specialist to view the area needing treatment and to discuss all of your pest control needs with you. You are always assured of friendly, knowledgeable service to ensure that you are able to make a well-informed decision. We will explain the system layout and how all of the features work towards hassle-free pest control. Our specialist will then provide you with a quote for installation and year-round management of the system you choose. After you have finalized your order, our team of well-trained specialists will arrive to complete installation within 10 days. We are dedicated to ensuring that you always receive dependable products and service.

    Now that you see the value and ease of use of our Automatic Misting System, give us a call at 715-804-4844 to set up installation to enjoy mosquito-free days and nights this season!

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