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Mosquito Squad’s Special Event Treatment

At Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin, we know that everything has to be perfect for your special event. You planned it down to the last detail, including the decorations, the invitations, the catering and the music. But what about unwanted guests who fly in? No one likes party crashers to a wedding, a graduation party, or a family reunion.

A few years ago, Zika was a relatively harmless disease that was confined to Uganda but it has now both spread and mutated to threaten millions. It can now cause birth defects in developing fetuses and neurological disorders in adults. With global travel and climate change, formally local or tropical diseases are beginning to migrate and evolve. First the chikangunia virus, then Zika, no one knows what will be next. Do you want to take the risk? That’s where Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin comes in with our special event barrier spray treatment that protects against both biting and stinging insects.

For the protection and peace of mind you need, schedule an appointment for Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin to stop by 24-48 hours before your big day and lay down a barrier treatment specially designed for your most important wedding, graduation or other events. The barrier treatment our technicians will employ is odorless to humans but a powerful deterrent to disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The effective yet unobtrusive barrier treatment will:

  • Reduce or even eliminate hovering around guests and food
  • Dry in only 30 minutes, leaving no residue for your party – your guests won’t even notice it
  • Not contaminate food or dinnerware since it is applied the day before your party
  • Protect through the event up to 21 days after, depending on weather conditions
  • Ensure your wedding or graduation is protected from biting and stinging insects

  • With Mosquito Squad’s special event treatment, your memorable evening won’t be ruined by annoying buzzing, the frantic swatting or the itchy welts and stings, not to mention potentially dangerous diseases from flying pests who drop in uninvited. So before the guests show up to your special event, let our technicians erect a powerful barrier. Call Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin at 715-804-4844 for you free consultation today!

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