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Tick Prevention and Protection for the Safety and Health of Your Family Members and Pets

Ticks are well-known vectors of Lyme disease, as well as other harmful illnesses that infect tens of thousands of Americans annually. At the Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin, we understand how serious this problem can become and we work tirelessly to help protect families in North Central Wisconsin from ticks and other transmitters of disease.

The Dangers of Ticks

deer tick closeup

Though mosquitoes can also transmit disease, their impact is less than that of the tick, which infect far more US residents than do mosquitos. They may also easily move from your four-legged companions to you and other family members. So, even if you don’t spend much time outdoors, your dog or cat may still bring ticks into your home. The best way to protect your animals and your loved ones from ticks and reduce the risk of tick-borne illness is through professional tick prevention and protection services.

Mosquito Squad Tick Control Services

With the rise of tick-borne diseases in the U.S., it is becoming increasingly necessary to use proven prevention and control measures to protect your property from their infestation. At the Mosquito Squad of North Central Wisconsin, our system of tick tubes and barrier spray treatment have proven to be effective control measures to rid your property of unsafe and unwanted ticks and other pests. Our barrier spray works by eliminating adult ticks on contact, while the tick tubes use the nesting instincts of mice to target tick larvae and nymphs. The tick tubes are filled with cotton treated with insecticide. Mice then use the cotton to make bedding for their nests. Ticks typically begin their life cycle feeding on mice, which then exposes them to the treated cotton, thus eliminating them early.

Our pest control professionals are skilled and knowledgeable at proper placement of tick tubes. They will inspect your property to determine the quantity needed and when to set out the tick tubes for optimum efficiency. Contact us at 715-804-4844 today to learn more about tick control and how our treatments can protect against other pests as well.

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